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B & M Mica Co has been providing high quality mica products to various industries all over the world since 1975. B & M Mica Co has been World Leader in Designing and Manufacturing of high precision mica component. The industries we serve include laser, nuclear, medical, electrical, electronic, scientific research, arts, and others. Our mica products are highest quality and we meet all client specifications. Our service and delivery time is unmatched in the mica industry.

B & M MICA CO., INC. specializes in HIGH-TECH MICA such as:

  • Natural superfine muscovite Scratch-free clear mica,
  • ASTM (D-351-97) V-1 quality,
  • optical quality as thin as .00005" thickness,
  • close tolerances, precision machined or punched Mica.

We fabricate and supply various types of mica products, in ALL SHAPES AND SIZES (standard, geometric shapes or as per your specifications).
In addition to numerous applications of mica, our superfine, scratch-free mica is one of the most vital and major components used in research and development.
B & M Mica Co., Inc. is your PRIMARY SOURCE for all your mica requirements. Our mica is of the highest quality, purity and is perfect for all your needed applications. B & M Mica provides high tech mica for your instruments to protect from extreme temperature, or from corrosive environments.


  • Metalizing diaphragm valves and sheets cut to exact size and thickness for metalizing and other applications.
  • Metalizing resistance NiCr Deposit Cards service available on Fiberglass, Metal film, Mylar, Kapton & Mica Standard Sizes 5"x 12", 2"x 5", 12"x 12"; Resistance: 50-400 ohm.
  • STM, AFM, SFA, beam bender & thin film technology, Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) to resolve measurement.
  • DNA & DNA-protein, carbon film production.
  • Windows for microwaves, Klystron and Geiger tubes, nuclear and medical instruments, Gauge and sight Glasses.
  • Vacuum tight discs, precision components, Retardation plates, single wave & broadband mica plates for Laser Industries.
  • Components for X-Ray apparatus, Computers, Optical Instruments, laser equipments for use in electronic industry.
  • Components for special applications and custom made as per customer's drawing and specifications.
  • Prototype or production qualities.

We offer very high quality components at competitive prices and prompt delivery time. Inventories Stocked of All Major Applications. Compare our quality, price and service with our Competitors!
We custom manufacture to your blue prints, samples or specifications in any quantities from small lot to high volume.

We can provide samples on request.

B & M wants your toughest jobs
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